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Recover songs from formatted memory card

Memory cards are generally used as an external storage device for various handheld devices like Smartphones, iPods, digital camera, etc. Although all these devices have their own internal memory but to meet user’s requirements, an external memory card is a must. Suppose you have stored a lot of songs on your phone’s or iPod’s memory card, which you might have collected from a lot of sources. One day while ejecting the memory card, you accidentally selected the format option and all these music files were gone, along with other saved files. The what will you do? You do not have a Recycle Bin or Trash in the memory card, so that chance is also gone. So, how will you recover music from formatted memory card?

Don’t panic, as this article holds the best solution for this problem and will definitely help you to recover songs from formatted memory card. As you might have known that the songs that are formatted are not gone forever. The fact behind this is that the deleted or lost files are not removed when any kind of data loss scenario is encountered. It is their pointers that are removed, which makes the files invisible. But until and unless the deleted files are not overwritten by some new files, it is possible to restore music from formatted memory card. You just have to be careful that no new files are saved on the memory card which was formatted. This will keep the songs in a recoverable state until the recovery is performed.

Formatting of memory card might have been done in any of the following ways –

Accidental Formatting – Like explained above, memory card might get accidentally formatted while ejecting the memory card. The reason for this is that the Format option is readily available to all the users along with Eject and Rename options. Therefore, the chances of accidentally pressing it are more and very frequently seen. Accidental formatting might also have been performed when the card is connected to a computer system and user is formatting some other drive.

Intentionally formatting the card – To make room for new files, old files are removed. This is a common process and it is performed on a regular basis. To remove all the files from a memory card, best way is to format it, but the situation becomes worse when you forget to take backup or the backup that you have taken gets corrupted. To recover songs from formatted memory card, make use of the software described here in this article.

Forced Format – Memory card might get corrupted due to many reasons like virus infection, abrupt ejection from camera, interrupted transfer, etc. When you try to access this corrupted memory card, sometimes you might get a format error which doesn’t allow you to proceed until the card is formatted. This is a sudden situation therefore the user doesn’t get a chance of taking a backup. This leads to a huge data loss.

No matter how the formatting is done, by using the formatted SD card recovery tool you can easily recover music from formatted memory card. For performing the recovery, this utility makes use of its powerful and advanced scanning algorithms which is capable of scanning an entire drive within a short span of time. This tool also recover data from formatted SDHC card, SDXC, CF card and other different storage devices. One can customize the recovery process by using the tool’s unique features. To restore music from formatted memory card using this tool, the user doesn’t need any kind of technical knowledge. Each step has detailed information regarding each step so the user just has to follow the instructions. This software also supports to restore lost data from SD Card, XD Card, Memory Stick etc. on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac OS.

With the help of this software, even restoring JPEG from SD Card either, deleted or lost due to various reasons is easily possible where, JPEG is a popular file format used to compress digital pictures.

Download the free evaluation version of the software to estimate the recovery results. If you are a Mac user then visit here to know how to recover data from formatted SD card on Mac OS. With the help of this software you can also restore 8GB SD Card data either deleted or lost due to various reasons with ease.

Memory cards are commonly used in Smartphones. If Smartphone is of touch screen, then there is a more chance for the deletion of photos accidentally due to its touch sensitivity feature. No need to get worry!! Because, you can easily restore deleted photos from Smartphone. To know how to recover the photos, click on this link www.recoverformattedsdcard.com/how-to-find-deleted-photo-in-smartphone.html

Simple steps to restore music from formatted memory card -

Step 1 – From the main screen select “Recover Photos” option.

Recover Music from Formatted Memory Card - Main Screen

Step 2 – Then select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option.

Recover Music from Formatted Memory Card - Select Mode of Recovery

Step 3 – To recover music from formatted memory card, select the card and proceed by clicking the next arrow button. After scanning the memory card for deleted or lost songs, all the recovered files are displayed. Preview and save the files.

Recover Music from Formatted Memory Card - File Preview


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